Is extreme sports really an important part of your everyday life ?

Each of us loves strong exciting emotions and that is why we want to give you a small advice - take it all! Is your hobby riding and cruising? As for us, we really like to ski, go for hiking, ride skateboards and longboards

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Main goal of our team is to give benefit to you as our clients. That is why we conclude contracts only with best deck producers. Working on a long term with Original skateboards, Comet, Union, Black Crows and many others. We are ready to give you good prices and availability of every exotic board.

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We offer you free worldwide shipping for all of our longboards, skateboards, skis and snowboards. Cost of every item depends on its wood characteristics and possibilities. Everything what you can see on our website has detailed description and a couple of words about preferred riding style. In case you can’t get enough information, you can always ask any question online via email. Address of our mailbox is in the right top corner of the webpage

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Large selection of boards at our board store


We are glad to see you at our online board shop! We keep huge range of longboards from different world wide known manufacturers for you! We sell great decks and longboard completes made only from the best wood plus different accessories for marvelous riding experience! We really hope that you’ll find something that suits you best.


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Here we give you an opportunity to choose the most interesting longboard model from more than 500 boards, wheels and accessories. Detailed pictures and descriptions of each product will help you to decide what to choose as easy as possible!


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  • huge selection of longboard completes, decks, wheels, protection gear and accessories;
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We work with well-known brands who always offers great longboards, skateboards and snowboards. Therefore you can find such brands as: Original skateboards, Sector 9, Omen, Rayne, Comet, Union, Black Crows.


It is easy way to choose longboard which will be great for you and find a certain model using search box which is placed at the top of the page. Any questions? Ask our managers! They are ready to answer all your question! Also they will help you to choose the most optimal model.

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