Venom Cannibals White - 72mm LONGBOARD WHEELS
72 mm
76a, 80A

Venom Cannibals White - 72mm LONGBOARD WHEELS


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The Venom Cannibal wheels feature Venom’s high grade urethane that has great grip in softer duros. The thinner lip shape helps these wheels corner super tight. If you enjoy freeriding but want a wheel that can downhill too, check out the mid to harder duro Cannibal, you won’t be disappointed.

The shape is designed to grip hard, but the lips are well supported to hold it's shape in a drift. The core is closer to the center to give better wear characteristics. This one has been a long time coming.

Durometer: 76A (Purple), 78A (Red), 80A (Green) and 83A (Blue)

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