Rayne Envy Longboard Wheels - 70mm
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Skateboard wheels
70 mm
77A, 80A
Freestyle and Dancing

Rayne Envy Longboard Wheels - 70mm


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The wheel that started it all here at Rayne! Developed with the help of our community, we tested hundreds of wheels, shapes, formulas and durometers and decided, with your help, that this wheel was awesome.

The Rayne Envy wheels are intended to break free and slide smooth and predictably. We’ve pulled back and rounded out these lips to give you the maximum ability to break your wheels free with no chatter and no hangups. Add a side set core to this and what you get is a freeride wheel that’s ready to slide all day and still grips when you want to. Perfect for bus runs, slashing alleys, slide jams and slope styles, these Rayne round lipped wheels are all-around awesome to play skateboards with and will not dissappoint.

Diameter – 70mm

Durometer – 77a or 80a
Contact Patch – 38mm

Round Lip – No lip for better slip. Don’t talk back.
Stone Ground – Ready to rock, the moment you pop that plastic.
Off Set Core – injection moulded core offers the right beef and balance.
Slide Thane – Smash out buttery slides with easy break out and hook up.

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