Orangatang The Keanu Longboard Wheels 66mm
Product Type
Skateboard wheels
66 mm
80A, 83A, 86A
purple, Orange, yellow
Freestyle and Dancing

Orangatang The Keanu Longboard Wheels 66mm


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Centerset freeride wheels for fast and predictable slides? Oh yeah! The Orangatang The Keanu 66mm Wheels are the smallest representatives of the fresh freeride collection. All wheels of this series come with a shape that offers the perfect mix of grip and slide. A redesigned core supports the whole urethane and provides even wear and a chatter-free ride. The guys of Orangatang call their urethane Peachy Thane. This stuff offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride right between Happy Thane and Euphorethane! The centersets come in three different sizes, The Cage, The Kilmer and The Keanu in the beloved Otang durometers to offer the perfect set of wheels for every situation and style.

height: 66 mm

contact patch: 38 mm

durometer: 80A, 83A
, 86A
hub: centerset

lip: rounded

You'll need 10 mm wide spacers for these wheels.

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