Blood Orange Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels - 65mm
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Skateboard wheels
Blood Orange
80A, 82A, 84A
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Blood Orange

Blood Orange Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels - 65mm


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The LMF has a granular feel that reacts to the pavement you are riding, allowing for rider friendly controllable slides with predictable hookups. Whether you are a beginner or a top pro, this formula is perfectly suited for elevating your freeride performance.

Different terrain, different shapes

With riders pushing the limits of skateboarding across multiple disciplines - and blurring the lines between those disciplines - there’s a greater demand for a lineup of wheels that can cover all of the bases. The Liam Morgan Pro Series offers a range of wheel shapes and sizes to meet the demands of any riding style or terrain.

Which durometer is right for you?

Different riders experience different variables while downhill skating; your weight and the type of pavement you’re riding all factor into your ideal wheel setup. With these factors/conditions in mind, the Morgan Pro Series has expanded the lineup to 3 unique durometers to offer something for everyone.

Morgan Pro Series 80a

The new 80a durometer was designed to work best with heavy riders, slick pavement, or for anyone looking for more grip.

Morgan Pro Series 82a

The original 82a formula was created to meet the demands of riding in various conditions. this all around durometer is a standard for any setup.

Morgan Pro Series 84a

The new 84a durometer was designed to perform best with lighter riders, grippier roads, or for anyone looking to let loose.

  • Formula: LMF
  • Size: 65mm
  • Offset: 3.5mm
  • Contact: 31mm

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