Abec 11 FreeRides Longboard Wheels 66mm Classic Formula
Product Type
Skateboard wheels
66 mm
Abec 11
78A, 81A, 84A
Freestyle and Dancing
Street and Park
Abec 11

Abec 11 FreeRides Longboard Wheels 66mm Classic Formula


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At Abec 11 our Reflex Formula urethane is loved by racers who require traction at all cost… but not everyone wants to race, and not everyone wants to rail every turn. Freeriders want a more predictable wheel for standing slides, drifts and pre-drifts. Our Classic thane is perfect for riders who love to slide, thrash, and shred on all types of terrain. This 66mm wheel has lots of wheel well clearance plus a wider 39mm contact patch for a longer life span. They are perfect for those of us who love to go fast, grip corners and still throw huge smooth slides as we make our way down our favorite hill. So if ya want to throw sweet ‘thane lines all across the road, get some Abec 11 Classic FreeRides, ’cause these wheels will do just that!

  • Wheel Diameter: 66mm
  • Contact Patch: 39mm
  • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • Wheel Width: 46mm
  • Lip Profile: (inner) Beveled, (out side) Thick, Round
  • Urethane Formula: Abec 11 Classic Thane
  • Duro: 81a
  • Disciplines: Freeride, Slide Jams, Downhill, Cruising

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