Gunmetal Magnum 10" 185mm Longboard Trucks - 50º Gunmetal
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Skateboard trucks
Reverse (RKP)

Gunmetal Magnum 10" 185mm Longboard Trucks - 50º Gunmetal


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With the Gunmetal Magnum V2.0 Truck you are able to bring the big guns in! The Magnum is a longboard truck that can please all the shredders out there looking for lean, stability when going fast and durability for all kinds of abuse. Compared to the first version this truck got overhauled completely to avoid weaknesses and to create the best result possible. The bushingseat pretty much stayed the same but the Magnum V 2.0 doesn't offer rake anymore which means that it will feel safe and stable when flying down the hills. The hanger is really beefy to prevent strength for earlygrabs and hard riding while offering faced hanger ends. This trucks won't bend in any way and your bearings can do their job properly. With the stock Venom Barrel bushings you get a complete package to ride for cruising, dancing, freeriding and downhill without any changes. Choose your weapon!

hanger width: 184 mm
height: 60 mm
angle: 50°
weight: 512 g
bushings: Venom Barrel 90A
bore-hole pattern: old-school & new-school

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