Rayne Savage Longboard Deck - 37" x 10"
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Skateboard decks
37 in
Top Mount
10 in

Rayne Savage Longboard Deck - 37" x 10"


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The Rayne Savage: a symmetrical avenger with the gnarliest of intentions. The Rayne Savage is built with Rayne's Fat Bottom construction, giving you a very light and speed-stiff ride. This board features the W concave you know and love. The flares on the Savage give you great points of references for your feet in both your speed tuck and freeriding. The most amazing aspect of the Rayne Savage is that it is a symmetrical Avenger with symmetrical and non-symmetrical wheelbase options. What does that mean? Well, if you mount the board on the outer wheelbase, this will give you a center-mounted and symmetrical ride all around. If you mount the board on the inner wheelbase, you'll have a wheelbase mounting that is 1/4-inches closer on the back truck. This is great for downhilling because you're able to be more on top of your trucks, giving you real leverage, grip, and control when railing those extra sharp corners. All in all, the Rayne Savage has a vicious design that's ready for the gnarliest of speeds!

Length – 37″
Width – 10″
Wheel Base – 26.25″ / 27.5″ / 27.75″ / 28.5″

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