Rayne MisFortune V2 Bird of Prey Longboard Deck - 33,5" x 9,25"
Product Type
Skateboard decks
33.5 in
Top Mount
9.25 in

Rayne MisFortune V2 Bird of Prey Longboard Deck - 33,5" x 9,25"


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Length – 33.5”

Width – 9.25”
Wheel Base – 22.5″ / 24.75″

Patrick Switzer is well known for being one of the fastest men on a longboard and one hell of a nice guy! Patrick is such a nice guy that he worries about the little people and insisted on introducing a perfectly scaled-down version of his Pro model, the Fortune. This little longboard has TONS of concave, a narrow cut and is the top choice for those with smaller feet.

The MisFortune is a directional, top mounted longboard like no other. Combining a bit of slalom, pool and downhill, the MisFortune gets radial concave, a small spoon tail and an upturned nose added to the directional Vandal shape so Patrick can ollie, manual and generally ride one board for whatever goofing he gets up to. Additionally, the Vandal 3D wheel wells have been turned into what we call 4D Cups. – if you’ve watched Patrick creating 3D concave with Vicious Grip, you’ll know where it all came from. These all-new supportive waves grab your feet and hold them in place so they’re not flopping around while you motor your boat downhill. Finally the new MisFortune takes on the Fat Bottom, keeping your longboard stiff and strong, but dropping excess weight and reducing exposed wood by making CNC’ed wheel wells obsolete.

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