Rayne Future Killer Longboard Deck - 37.5" X 9,75"
Product Type
Skateboard decks
37.5 in
Top Mount
10 in

Rayne Future Killer Longboard Deck - 37.5" X 9,75"


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The Rayne Future Killer is a new board from Rayne that brings you everything Rayne has got to offer! Possibly the most well designed board ever?! It is built with vertically laminated bamboo combined with Triaxial fiberglass to give you a speed stiff design. And then it also comes with Radial drop platform as well as sharp rails to give you the best for doing it all, tucking, sliding, downhilling, everything. And if you think it isn't good for everything then we say you're wrong! Because the Future Killer also comes with multiple wheelbase options letting you switch it around so that it is perfect for whatever type of riding you want to do. So yes we do love it for everything. But one last feature that Rayne throws at you is the W concave. Good ol' trusty W concave. That just cradles your feet and fits like a glove! But what this board does is also introduces the newest feature Rayne has done in it's lineup which is the fat bottom construction. It is designed to be thick in the center and as the board moves towards the edges and the rails it thins out. What this does is it makes the board a lot lighter (as if it wasn't light enough with the bamboo construction!) while still keeping the board speed stiff so you stay stable for those long mountain bombs. The Rayne Future Killer is the perfect board.

  • Length: 37.50"
  • Width: 10.00"
  • Wheelbase: 29.00" - 31.00"
  • Construction: Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave: Medium
  • Flex: Stiff

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