Original Freeride 44" DropConcave Longboard Deck
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Skateboard decks
44 in
Original Skateboards
Drop Through
10.25 in
Freestyle and Dancing

Original Freeride 44" DropConcave Longboard Deck


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Add speed, comfortable pushing, and slide-ability to your quiver with this 10 ply thick 44” inch long tank of a longboard. The Drop Freeride 44 is the love child of sliding control and downhill stability. Focusing on ease of sliding and freeride, while handling speeds up to and over 45 mph when paired with lower angle (40, 44, 46) degree trucks and proper downhill specific skateboard bushings. You may never never want to go slow again.

How Low Can You Go

Wider Stance, Faster Freeride, Steeper Hills, and pinpoint control on even the sketchiest pavement. The Freeride 44 is your new first choice for long slides or hills where sliding is a requirement, not an option. 10 Ply, zero flex, beefy maple with enough wheelbase to keep you comfy and confident on your new (steeper) favorite hills. While the Drop Freeride 44 has a natural need for speed, it also works well for simple trick stuff ie. shuvits, or bigspins. Since the board is ridiculously easy to manual, you will find yourself not just embracing speed, but also adding your own touch of freestyle steeze creating a ride style all your own.

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Drop Freeride 44 stacks up.

Length: 44in x Width: 10.25in x Wheelbase: 31in

Concave Depth @10.25in: (.70in)

Concave Shape: Drop to Tub

Contruction: 10 Ply Notheastern Maple

KickSpecs: 5.0in wide x 3.5in long x 1.5in tall


up to the edge of your comfort zone and lay down some new slides. During a

slide stance, the pockets locks you in: super cozy. When you shift your weight,

not your feet for more stylish toeside-to-heelside transitions. There is no

need for gas pedals since you don’t need to shift your foot stance. Plus, no

“W,” no foot cramps when pushing.

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