Original Freeride 41" (Stag) WConcave Longboard Deck
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Skateboard decks
41 in
Original Skateboards
Drop Through
10.25 in

Original Freeride 41" (Stag) WConcave Longboard Deck


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The Freeride 41 WConcave longboard skateboard keeps you comfortable and connected to ride different steeps with the same fast, freeride focused power that riders come to expect. Using deep concave and an elliptical central ridge, the Freeride 41 WConcave longboard delivers that warm and fuzzy locked-in feeling. Comfortable for slides, tucking, and pushing. Give your foot the feeling of a back pocket in a tuck, while also allowing you to feel lower to the ground during a push. Feel connected to your board: the Freeride 41 WConcave.

W For All.

The Freeride 41 WConcave longboard skateboard uses its W for board awareness first and foremost. Our goal was to convey stance information via the W, while leaving the forward most foot platforms to lock you in with a quasi-traditional flat-to-radial concave that is only very slightly affected by the deeper than average (0.20”) WConcave that exists at the board center. We have found this more slight WConcave at the foot platform (with a much steeper W in the center) provides a more comfortable alternative to the severe traditional WConcave options, which we found unwieldy in anything, but the most downhill specific applications. This WConcave gives you added versatility that riders won’t find in other W decks.

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Freeride 41 WConcave stacks up.


41 x Width: 10.25in



Concave Depth @10.25in:


Effect Platform:

26in x 9.85in

Concave Shape:

Tub to Central W-Concave

Effective Concave @9.85in:


Gas Pedals:

40 Degree


9 Ply Northeastern Maple


5.0in wide x 3.5in long x 1.5in tall

Freeride 41 WConcave Concave Specifics

We believe the Freeride 41 WConcave thrives in the lockin and board feel department. The steeper than average center W stiffens the center of the board dramatically. While this may sound like a good thing, the W removes the ability of the 9 Ply maple construction to flex at the center. The WConcave was designed to give you an advantage on the hill, and it delivers a perfect solution for riders who aren’t as focused on freestyle / tricks.

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