Original Double Kick Arbiter Longboard Deck
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Skateboard decks
39.8 in
Original Skateboards
Top Mount
Freestyle and Dancing

Original Double Kick Arbiter Longboard Deck


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The Arbiter DK

Longboarding is about doing what YOU want with a longboard skateboard that is built for YOU. The Arbiter DK is about THAT versatility. This is your go to all around longboard made for flippin tricks, poppin sets, and sliding for days. Whether you’re bombing a hill, hitting your local skatepark, ripping tight turns at a parking garage, poppin up curbs, and cruisin the city streets, the versatility of the Arbiter DK will keep you coming back for more.

All the versatility you need. Twice the kick. The .666 progressive tub concave to concaved kick that we love about the Arbiter KT just got a smaller wheelbase and symmetrical kick thanks to the Arbiter DK longboard skateboard. This symmetrical quiver killer allows you to ollie, kickflip, freeride, carve, slide, downhill, and kickflip some more. The DK is good for riders big-to-small, beginner-to-advanced due to the multiple, versatile wheelbase and kick options. The power to choose how you want to ride is up to you. The way it should be.

Length 39.8"
Width 9.5"
Wheelbases 23-24.5"

Construction: 8ply cold pressed Maple with red tracer ply

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