Moonshine Corsi Hoedown 48" Longboard Deck
Product Type
Skateboard decks
48 in
Top Mount
9.5 in
Freestyle and Dancing

Moonshine Corsi Hoedown 48" Longboard Deck


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The Moonshine Hoedown is one of the most advanced and technical dancing boards ever made. This deck is ridiculously light for its length which will allow for faster rotating moves, easier pushing, carving, and manuals. A light skateboard is truly amazing, we must admit. Moonshine is famous for their ultra-lightweight construction and it really makes a difference in a dancing board like this one. The deck features a small nose and tail to get your trick on, and a mellow concave / flex to keep you locked in while cross-stepping all 48" front to back.

Dimensions: 48"L X 9.5"W

Wheelbase Options: 32" / 33"
Soft flex recommended for riders under 180 lbs (41–82 kg).
Medium flex recommended for riders between 150-220+ lbs. (68–120+ kg)

With Moonshine MFG you get:
• Waterproof deck sealed from the elements
• Light, strong vertically laminated wood construction
• Handbuilt in the USA, by skaters
• No delam, no warping, no twisting
• No bullshit
• Impact resistant urethane rails- fear no curb
• Precision machined truck mounts
• Exclusive 30-day performance guarantee

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