Madrid Pro Series Leadfoot Zak Maytum
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Longboard deck

Madrid Pro Series Leadfoot Zak Maytum


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The Zak Maytum Leadfoot is a short, narrow, slalom-style downhill race board. It’s 8.875" inches wide, 32.375" inches long, and has wheelbases from 22.75" to 23.75". Underneath, we have wheel wells for clearance and under-flush for stability and wedge-ability. This board is designed for high-performance speedboarding and racing; and it works best when set up with a footstop, a torque block, and Rogue slalom trucks or something similar. The Formica/Maple construction keeps the board ridged and stable at high speeds. If you’re looking to take the tightest, fastest lines down the hill, this is your board.

  • Riding Style: Downhill
  • Length: 32.375"
  • Width: 8.875"
  • Shape: Array
  • Construction: 9 Láminas de Arce Canadiense
  • Wheelbase: 22.75"-23.75”
  • Concave: W - Concavo

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