Goat Elude Drop Hard Flex Longboard Deck дека для лонгборда
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Skateboard decks
40.5 in
Drop Through
Freestyle and Dancing

Goat Elude Drop Hard Flex Longboard Deck


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Squeeze out your best tricks.

The Elude model is built from a 10mm sandwich of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass finished off with customized grip tape. It offers a light flex. The kicktails open the door to tricks on the flat and the concave grips your feet to the board when doing the tricks.

A suitable level of stiffness that makes it a perfect option for freeriders.

Drop Through

The Goat Elude drop through deck has a lower centre of gravity offers greater stability and more comfort on longer rides.

Flex. Soft and Hard

The Goat Elude longboard comes in two flex options; Hard Flex (for medium to heavy riders) and Soft Flex (for low to medium weight). Two versions of rigidity to offer a board adapted to different riders. By opting for a weight-adjusted configuration that takes the rider's style into account, we achieve a board that's highly responsive in each move and comfortable to ride around on.

Hard Flex: works well for weights from 70-75kg up to 100kg.

Soft Flex: works well for weights from 40kg up to 75-80kg.


Length: 103 sm (40,5")

Width: 23 sm (9")

Wheelbase: 71 sm (27,9")

Flex: soft and hard

Construction: bamboo + fiberglass

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