Earthwing Yoni 39" Longboard Deck
Product Type
Skateboard decks
39 in
Top Mount
9.25 in
Freestyle and Dancing
Street and Park

Earthwing Yoni 39" Longboard Deck


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Yoni, like me is a long time street skater that fell in love with new terrain, and challenges. You can take the street deck out of the man, but can not take the street out of him. The deck is built to almost exact proportion to our drifters. The mold is low profile like a street deck. Yoni rides 58mm wheels, and paris 169. This deck provides a similar pop like a street deck. The only difference is you can ride fast and big. The flips are slower, and that is a great thing for stunt work. It provides more real estate for stability, and it quite possibly the perfect hybrid skateboard. At a time where longboarders are hucking themselves off of obstacles, and venturing further and further into terrain other than downhill on decks that may not be ideal for those things, this deck provides more opportunity to achieve those goals, and experience new things. On the flip side, it's a great opportunity for street skaters to venture further into longboarding without giving up the style they grew up with and love. This is a longboard designed to work by a street skater. I honestly believe that our new line up of street decks will cover anyone. The same shape is available in the drifter 33, 35, 37, yoni 39, yoni 41, and hightailer 43. Just like snowboards, you can now get a well designed street deck in any size.

Length: 99.1 cm/39"
Width: 23.5 cm/9.25"
Wheelbase: 47.9 - 48.9 cm/18.875" - 19.25"

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