Earthwing N.L.S. 37" Slim Longboard Deck
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Skateboard decks
37 in
Top Mount

Earthwing N.L.S. 37" Slim Longboard Deck


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The Earthwing NLS 37 Slim is here to bring you some updated next level shredding. The NLS 37 Slim is a single kick freeride board that is ready to bring you the ultimate in lock in traction. Earthwing redesigned the construction of the NLS with a slimmer width for a lightweight feel with all the strength and durability you need. They start with an aluminum mold to give you an extra strong bond and press to make sure that delamination is never an issue. They also use a new secret material they call Unbeleivium. By using Unbeleivium that is stronger than any other material on the market, Earthwing is able to cut down the NLS from 9 to only 4 plies. This makes the board extremely light while not losing any structural stability on the deck. When using less plies in the construction this lets Earthwing bend the board in ways never been done before. That's how the NLS 37 Slim gets its 360 degree bowl concave, there's even concave in the tail! So if you're ready to be locked into a lightweight single kick freeride deck, the Earthwing NLS 37 Slim is perfect for you.

  • Length: 37.00"
  • Width: 9.50"
  • Wheelbase: 20.8125" - 26.00"
  • Construction: Maple
  • Concave: Extreme
  • Flex: Stiff

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