Earthwing Hoopty Carbon Fiber Longboard Deck
Product Type
Skateboard decks
36.75 in
Top Mount
10 in

Earthwing Hoopty Carbon Fiber Longboard Deck


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Earthwing's newest topmount race board, the Hoopty, is a true example of the phrase "forms follows function". This Hoopty has a vertically laminated core with carbon fiber stringers making this deck extremely stiff. Due to the stiffer core Hoopty will allow you to reach speeds up to 70+ without bucking you off your board. This deck provides a comfortable 10.5" wide platform designed to accommodate those who ride with a little wider racing stance while raging down steep mountain roads. The Hoopty also has an adjustable wheelbase from 26.125" to 32.25". The rear rails feature bevelled gas pedals which create a larger contact point for pushing out predrifts, giving unparalleled control to the rider. Just as important as what this board is what they left out; no kicktails or extra weight hold this board back from being the most controllable race deck out there. If you're looking for a sick, light-weight race deck with an equally light burden on your wallet, the Hoopty is everything you're looking for!

Length: 93.3 cm/36.75"
Width: 25.4 cm/10"
Wheelbase: 66.7 - 71.8 cm/26.25" - 28.25"

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