Comet Voodoo DH Longboard Deck
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Skateboard decks
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Comet Voodoo DH Longboard Deck


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We've been a huge fan of the Voodoo since the very beginning, and are stoked to see some of the new features added for 2015!

The 2015 Voodoo DH/Dustin Hampton Pro Model is 36" long, 9.6" wide, with a variable wheelbase from 25 - 27.5. It now features W concave in the back of the board, about 6 inches above the rear truck. This combined with the .66 concave and .66 rocker gives you insane pockets when performing toeside predrifts or standup slides, as well as giving you extra leverage when railing toeside corners.

Dusty has only one speed. FAST! So if you're looking to go fast, whether that be grip or slip, this is the board for you!

Dustin Hampton has been on the team since 2009 and was one of the original creators of the Voodoo Doll and worked heavily in prototyping that game changing shape. The Voodoo DH for Dustin Hampton is an updated version of the Voodoo that calls upon all the heritage that is there, with some added bends and pockets.

Width: 9.6''

Length: 36''

Nose: 2.5

Tail: 4.5

Wheelbase: 25 ­- 27.5''

Thickness: 9­ply

Concave: 0.66''

Rocker: 0.66'' directional

*Mild W ­pocket 6 inches in front of the rear truck

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