Bustin Maestro PRO Thermo Carbon 39.75" Black Monkey Longboard Deck
Product Type
Skateboard decks
39.75 in
Drop Through
maple, composite
9.5 in
Freestyle and Dancing

Bustin Maestro PRO Thermo Carbon 39.75" Black Monkey Longboard Deck


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In keeping with the natural progression of the Maestro movement, we developed the first MaestroPRO in 2012 to be a fiberglass reinforced, top-shelf edition. This year’s edition represents the pinnacle of our exploration into Maestro-tech with a new ThermoCarbon construction and our new soft camber mold. While still maintaining its crown as a competition push board, this new symmetrical shape supremely accommodates a range of skating styles from freestyle to freeride to hard carving bliss.

Never stop. Never be satisfied with yourself. Always strive for more, for better. That is the mind-set that we try and keep here at Bustin. And it was with this spirit in heart that we re-re-re-addressed our favorite, our most popular, our MaestroPRO. We kept almost the exact same symmetrical mold shape that made the Maestro PRO the freestylin, free-wheelin', magic carpet that it is, and gave it our ThermoCarbon treatment. In doing so we’ve eliminated 2 plies of maple while maintaining the same strength and longevity of the epically durable first editions. Additionally the new construction leads to a snappier, crisper flex that opens up some higher speed possibilities that the previous Maestros just weren’t as comfortable with.


The ThermoCarbon construction is our revolutionary new process for creating stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly decks right here in the USA. We start with 4 plys of Great Lakes Maple and lay them up with a proprietary thermo-active formula along with several layers of carbon and fiberglass cloth. The sandwich is then placed in an ultra high-heat, high-pressure press where the panels undergo a transformation process that essentially melds all of the plies together into one new material that can only be dismantled using the same amount of heat. The result is a nearly indestructible board made using no harmful glues or resins.


  • Drop Thru Mounting
  • Symmetrical Subtle Flex Concave
  • State of the Art ThermoCarbon Construction
  • Rocker / Camber Platform
  • Precision Flex Concave
  • Classic Ultra-low Maestro Ride
  • Multi Wheelbase Options for Flex Preference


  • 39.75” Long
  • 9.5” Wide
  • 26.375 – 27.625” WheelBase

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