Original Pintail 40 Longboard Complete
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Original Pintail 40 Longboard Complete


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Controlled cruising. Premium carving.

With all the attributes of a one board quiver, the Pintail 40 is an all around crowd pleaser. This Pintail is 40 inches of stable platform designed for controlled cruising and premium carving. Mounted standard with Original S8, 200mm, carving trucks and without risers, it sits low on wider trucks. The Pintail 40 dishes out a new level of cruising and carving performance with serious visual stylings to boot, thanks to Jay Alders’ “Out of the Blue”.

Free Love in Skateboard Form

Love may be a strong word, but it’s the first one that comes to mind when thinking about the flex of the Pintail 40. Mellow, forgiving, responsive, and perfect were other options, but we usually go with our gut instinct at times like these.

Elegance, meet Functionality.

The simple shape of the Pintail 40 is complemented by a gentle concave that furnishes smooth lines appealing to even the most discerning eye. Pure beauty can be deceiving as the concave is as functional at keeping your feet planted, as the lines are at soothing your ocular woes.

Tip or Tail

The Pintail 40 has enough overhang in the nose and a long enough tail to tackle most riding conditions. The 40 shines when you need to switch from commuting, to pick-in-uppin’ without missing a beat. It’s a solid shot of confidence to know that no matter what bogies are on your six, the Pintail 40 never, ever, leaves his wingman.

Cruising or Carving

The Pintail 40 comes standard with the Original S8, 200mm, carving trucks. Mid-size standard trucks means more stability while maintaining the versatility for pedestrian dodging all day long. If you plan on taking on the bigger drops, an upgrade to Original’s S10, 250mm, trucks is the best bet.

Tried and true construction, backed with our most popular trucks and finished with the best wheels and bearings, the Pintail 40 is a reliable renaissance board great for all seasons. Up or down, flat or steep, urban or rural, left or right, the Pintail 40 can manage it all with finesse and style.

Green to Double Black

The Pintail 40 is at home in any environment under the feet of a variety of riders. Its a go-to board with a wide enough wheel base for hills, yet maneuverable enough to dodge the pedestrian crowded streets of the city.

Neighborhood Friendly

With the ability to turn your home pavement into a carving playground, the Pintail 40 shines light onto overlooked asphalt. Beginner and advanced riders alike can point the Pintail down any local road and view their neighborhood from a whole new perspective.


A board for the city needs to be able to withstand the day to day, hazard filled commute it will see month after month. With standard S8, 200mm, carving trucks, this board can dodge obstacles and has the stability to take on any hills between you and the corner store, corner office, or your best gal’s penthouse, park view, apartment.


With the length to spread your stance and a tail to stand on, the Pintail 40 can tackle banks with the best of them. Ditches beware! The Original S8, 200mm, carving trucks can slash, slide, and carve up any wall. It’s this versatility that will help transition your surf moves to pavement.


Despite a 40 inch over all length, the Pintail 40 is a proverbial fish in the water at the pool or park. The Original S Series 200mm carving trucks will keep your longboard moving around the bowl, or get you up to the lip of your favorite quarter.

Includes: Original S8 200mm trucks, Kryptonics 65mm Classic 78A wheels, MOB Griptape coarse #50 black, Original bearings

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