Original Pintail 37 Longboard Complete
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Original Pintail 37 Longboard Complete


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Simple, elegant, control.

The Pintail 37 is designed to furnish performance based riding with a simple shape and elegant wood construction. Shorter in length and thinner with dropped to the deck Original S8, 200mm, carving trucks, the Pintail 37 is easy to control. While it’s ideal for small riders or newbies it can be outright dangerous in the right hands. To top it off, it’s finished with art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders and is offered at a price that would make Scrooge smile.

Zen Master Longboarder

The Pintail 37 deck brings together 7 plys of sustainably harvested hard maple veneer to create a board that emits a zen like blend of flex and strength. Such sweet harmony will help keep you going when the only other things you have are the dew of a single ginko leaf and the energy of the universe.

The Cut of Her Jib

The Pintail 37’s concave shape and lack of camber create a board that’s as versatile as it is dashingly handsome. Beginners will love how easy it is to get comfortable on this deck, while advanced riders will find the flex and responsiveness perfect for cruising and carving. Newbies and pros alike can appreciate the beautiful lines and inspiring graphic, courtesy of Jay Alders, that grace the hull of this pavement cruising clipper.

Effective Machine.

At a modest 37 inches long, the Pintail 37 is a perfect board for those looking for a smaller, lighter deck. Its wheel base is ideal for commuting where maneuverability and weight are key factors, yet still has a long enough stance to be an effective carving machine.

S8’s For President

Standard with the S8 200mm Original S Series carving trucks, the Pintail 37 is a stable carving platform. Wider trucks are great at providing riders with a sure footed feeling, especially when moving into advanced carving techniques.

Wider standard trucks on the Pintail 37 give you the opportunity to upgrade to a mind boggling variety of high end longboard wheels. Don’t worry if your having trouble making a selection, helpful representatives at Original are standing by to get you through tough decisions like this.

Stepping onto a longboard should feel comforting like the smell of mothers cooking, hot chocolate, and a warm wood stove in winter. That’s just the vibe this mellow pintail emits with every ounce of its carefree, cruise anywhere, “I’ll always be there when you need me”, attitude.

Local Streets

Take this board out in your neighborhood but prepare to do more talking about it then riding. All your neighbors will be envious of the ease with which you turn their stretch of asphalt into you own personal playground. Just remember, sharing is caring when they ask to try for themselves.


At home, in the city, this minimal cruiser can be your fast track to an easy morning commute. Original S8 200mm carving trucks will let you weave through that morning traffic jam with style that turns heads. Slip on skate shoes instead of your fancy leather loafers, cause it’s time to spice up your morning, longboard style.


Don’t let the terrain features in your local park keep you from venturing into that tempting garden of banks, bowls, hips, hits, stairs, and rails. At home in the bowls as it is on the flats or hills, the Pintail 37 can skate the park with the best of them. Give it a rip and see where your feet take you.


An all around cruiser and carver, the Pintail 37 is at home in all terrains, from flats and hills, to banks and bowls. The 37 is great for beginners, but still packs enough punch to keep you advanced riders satisfied, this is a board that you won’t easily out grow.

Includes: Original S8 200mm trucks, Kryptonics 65mm Classic 78A wheels, MOB Griptape coarse #50 black, Original bearings

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