Original Derringer 28 Longboard Complete
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Original Derringer 28 Longboard Complete


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Performance carving, all dialed in.

The Derringer is our smallest all-around carving longboard. Owing to it’s surf roots the Derringer excels at generating powerful-carves at slow speeds turning flatland and small hills into rippable, enjoyable, runs. Your mini longboard can be more than just transportation, and it doesn’t have to be cheap plastic. The high end, high performance, bi-axial fiberglass, hot pressed into every Derringer, ignites a lively flex and power through the turns that the damp give of maple alone (or waffle molded plastic) just can’t match. If you love the idea of a small board, but demand big board carving performance, the Derringer stands alone.

With a face-forward asymmetrical focus on the nose, the Derringer is one of the more unique carving shapes we have designed in the last 10 years. Allowing a riders front foot to actually over lap the forward truck mounting brackets the wide nose of the Derringer generates leverage over your front trucks which translates to fantastic direction control. The narrow tail of the Derringer pushes flex to the area immediately under your back foot, which is generally ridden just in front of the back mounting brackets. Advanced carvers / surfers have also been known to setup with an even tighter stance (bringing the back foot to the center of the board with the front foot on the nose). This allows the flex to happen behind the rear foot and generates even more power out of every pump.

Flex for thought.

Mellow concave centered around your front foot allows the Bi-Axial fiberglass of the Derringer to flex consistently and utilizes the lively rebound of tip to tail fibers beneath you backfoot to generate flex and power. Since the concave under your front isn’t a part of the flex, your front stance platform remains relatively unchanged during flex keeping your directional control predictable even as your backfoot powers you deep into your carves. While the Derringer may have a shallower concave depth than some other longboards out there, the concave is there for a reason and designed to keep you in control.

Stylish performance.

Bi-axial fiberglass melds with 5 plies of Canadian maple to deliver big longboard performance from the small board stance of the Derringer 28. With the perfect amount of flex to power you out of every turn, and the strength to stay strong after years of abuse, the Derringer 28 construction takes the mini longboard well beyond the carving performance of even the best colored plastic alternatives.

Versatile control.

Original Pro Rider Aleix Gallimo lends his clean euro-street-art style to the 2012-2013 edition of the Derringer. While Aleix may be more well known for his 2011 Top 20 European Downhill Championship finish on the Freeride 41, he is a multi-talented rider who has been refining more than just his longboarding over the past years. Formatted and art directed in collaboration with Scott, the Derringer will bring color to any quiver and has already spiced up the Original line-up at a price that makes it even harder to ignore.

The Derringer was developed to ride like the longest carver while carrying like the smallest mini. Flexible to throw you into your next turn and quick enough to pick you back up on the other side, the Derringer is an all around ripper and one of our all time favorite longboards.

Neighborhood performer.

The Derringer has the stuff to really put on a show for the home crowd; flex, quickness, power and pop. When you can push the limits of your longboarding right outside your door, you will learn faster and feel more confident, even when you hit the road for an away game.


The Derringer is the perfect match for the city rider. Short and sweet with enough life and power to keep you ahead of the crowd and away from those cabs. Faster than the bus, cheaper than the train and a heck of a lot more fun than dealing with the car service. Get a Derringer and kick start your city longboarding performance.

On the banks.

With a flex for carving and an eye for showmanship, the Derringer will put you in control of your favorite bank, ditch or parking garage. On the slanted transitions where cement is king, the Derringer will help you put on a performance worthy of royalty.

Parks and bowls.

Longboarding in a park without a tail has never been more fun. The Derringer proves once and for all that kickturns are optional and four wheel steer isn't just for GMC trucks. See what you can do with all four wheels on the wall of your favorite bowl.

On the steep stuff.

For a small board the Derringer will bring more than its share of performance to your local hill while saving plenty for the big mountain riding most longboarders only dream about. If you can only choose one longboard and that longboard has to fit into the overhead bin on your 24 hour flight to the high mountains of New Zealand, the Derringer would be a fantastic choice.

Includes: Original S6 150mm trucks, Kryptonics 62mm Classic 78A wheels, Original bearings, MOB Griptape coarse #50 black

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