Diamond Life Cruiser White Croc Longboard Complete
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Skateboard completes
24 in
Top Mount
Diamond Supply

Diamond Life Cruiser White Croc Longboard Complete


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Are you looking for a practical and stylish commuter board that you can easily fasten on your backpack or just carry it under your arm? The hunt is over! The Diamond Life 24" Cruiser will fulfill all your desires and provide you with a durable and stiff board thanks to the polyprophylene and glass fiber reinforced material. Additionally, ACE 4.5" Trucks and Diamond 59 cm Wheels enable you to enjoy laid-back pedestrian slaloms and bendy lines in the sunny park. Rad!

specifications of the deck:
- length: 65 cm
- width: 17 cm
- wheelbase: 35 cm
- construction: Diamond polyprophylene and glass fiber construction
- flex: stiff
- concave: none

- trucks: Diamond 4.5" Trucks
- wheels: Diamond 59 cm Wheels
- bearings: Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings
- hardware: Allen bolt pack
- griptape: none

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