Khiro Combo Bushing 2
73A, 79A, 85A, 90a, 92A, 95a, 98A

Khiro Combo Bushing 2


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Large Insert Bushing for the Top Bushing and using a Khiro Barrel Bushing for the Bottom Bushing. This Khiro Aluminum Combo Bushing Setup will give you more stability and offers you a stiffer, quicker rebound. This set up allows you to do away with the top cup washer and gives you more Kingpin thread to use.

Bottom barrel + Top large insert bushings

Extra Soft (white) 73A
Mid Soft (orange) 79A
Soft (blue) 85A
Medium Soft (red) 90A
Medium hard (yellow) 92A
Hard (black) 95A
Extra Hard (purple) 98A

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