Khiro Big Bad Bushing Kit "Small Cone Combo"

Khiro Big Bad Bushing Kit "Small Cone Combo"


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Each kit consists of 14 sets of small conical bushings and 14 large barrel bushings in all 7 durometers!

73a X-Soft White,
79a Mild Soft Orange,
85a Soft Blue,
90a Med Soft Red,
92a Med Hard Yellow,
95a Hard Black,
98a Extra Hard Purple.

Also in the kit are 2 small cupped washers, 2 large cupped washers, 2 flat washers 8 axle speed rings and 4 axle lock nuts.
There is also 2 Small Soft and 2 Large Soft Khiro Pivot bushings.

All these bushings are made of the same top grade urethane in the same Khiro colours and same Khiro hardnessess as all the other Super Khiro Bushings. All this in a Khiro tough plastic snap-loc case for easy access, travel and storage.

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