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We like stuff that works, but actually works, and we like to put our money where our mouth is, yum. To change the coarse of your skate, we’re coloring way outside the lines. We’re making new lines by offering you a full year guarantee because RDVX is locked-in longboard grip that lasts so much longer. We offer no-slip coarse grip that will lock you in, hold you tight, and keep you riding. Cheaper isn’t better; it’s just cheap. With RDVX, you get more for your money because we warranty our products for a solid year. Quality that lasts saves money. Try us on for size. If you rip through it sooner, send it in. We will replace it, but we also want to know how on earth you shredded so hard, so that we can make our stuff even better. You help us. We help you. The connection between you and your board continues to grow.

  • RDVX - 4 Sheet Pack - Black

    RDVX - 4 Sheet Pack - Black
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